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Dec. 11th, 2016 09:22 am
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➣ Log format
WHO: Characters involved
WHERE: Where it's taking place
WHEN: When it takes place
WHAT: Summary of what's happening
WARNINGS: Any applicable warnings if necessary

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WHO: Obito Uchiha, Victor Nikiforov, Yuuri Katsuki, and Sasuke Uchiha.
WHERE: Gula District, Bajikan.
WHEN: Before Sombra's post goes live on the 20th.
WHAT: A ninja literally kidnaps a figure skater.
WARNINGS: Minimal violence. Non-consensual mind manipulation.

whenever you feel standalone never shed a tear )
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WHO: Sasuke ([personal profile] eyeforaneye), Eichi ([personal profile] finethanks), Suigetsu ([personal profile] liquidate), and Victor ([personal profile] genice)
WHERE: Room 309
WHEN: March 20th
WHAT: Eichi is cornered for information by Sasuke, an event interrupted by Victor for completely unrelated reasons.
WARNINGS: Forcible usage of mind powers.

guilty until proven innocent )
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WHO: Kay-tuesso & Open!
WHERE: On the Eluvio if wanted. Or the Districts of Bajikan, Ira mostly, but he can be persuaded to others
WHEN: Off and on in the month.
WHAT: Kay-tuesso has been on soft shutdown mode since Bohdi was found murdered and Cassian and then Jyn left. He will once in awhile wander the ship, sit down and shut down. Droid is depressed. Somehow someone convinced him to check out the planet though, so he’ll take a look. Finding a fighting arena though? Yeah, he’s giving it a try.
WARNINGS: Fighting. Updated as needed.

...In that great junk yard in the sky. )
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WHO: victor ([personal profile] genice), suigetsu ([personal profile] liquidate), and an unsuspecting reaper ([personal profile] hellshot)
WHERE: 311, which just so sadly happens to be reaper's room...
WHEN: forward-dated to march 19th
WHAT: eating berry blue jello and petting dogs, in which order i'm unsure
WARNINGS: none yet, hopefully it'll stay that way but it's doubtful

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WHO: Akane Owari and you!
WHERE: Around Bajikan
WHEN: A few days after her arrival.
WHAT: After settling in, Owari explores her new surroundings and finds two districts she likes already.
WARNINGS: Spoilers for Super Dangan Ronpa 2 and violence, for now. Will update as necessary!

food and fighting - what more could she ask for? )


Mar. 13th, 2017 10:28 pm
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WHO: Allura & various
WHERE: on Bajikan
WHEN: throughout the month
WHAT: Allura's keeping herself busy by visiting Bajikan and its various districts. She's still kind of miffed about not being able to go on the diplomatic mission.
WARNINGS: N/A; will update if needed!
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WHO: Hunk & Open
WHERE: The Eluvio, The Castle of Lions or Bajikan
WHEN: Anytime this month, from showing up to exploring!
WHAT: HUNK IS NEW! He just got here and things are weird.
WARNINGS: Who knows! Will update as needed!

As if things weren’t already screwy. )
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WHO: Ben Kenobi & YOU!
WHERE: Districts of Bajikan
WHEN: Following arrival and throughout the fleet's stay.
WHAT: Ben Kenobi explores the districts while attempt to cope with this unwelcome change in his hermetic lifestyle.
WARNINGS: Potentially sensitive topics may come up in the narrative. Opt-in permissions and information about content warnings and Force powers can be found here

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WHO: Hajime Hinata [personal profile] thisisourfuture and various others.
WHERE: Around Bajikan
WHEN: March catch-all.
WHAT: Two idiots have a conversation about serious matters (Komaeda), attempts to dig up information (Invidia), poking at this supposedly 'bettering' place (Superbia). And whatever else is to be added here later.
WARNINGS: Dangan ronpa 2 spoilers to be had in castmate threads. Uh, stuff to be added after that.

Why can't he just get the answers he wants? Really now. )
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WHO: Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] forcechoke) and YOU?
WHERE: Various districts on Bajikan.
WHEN: Various points during the Fleet's stop on Bajikan.
WHAT: Shenanakins. (I had to, I'm not sorry.) Inspecting the various districts and what they have to offer. Sleeping? Alley fights? Bragging rights? The possibilities are endless.
WARNINGS: Potential warning for violence, maybe. Will update this if necessary.

everyone talks about fight club, are you sure there are rules? )
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WHO: dave ([personal profile] shenunigans) and suigetsu ([personal profile] liquidate)
WHERE: probably gula, seems like they have the stuff
WHEN: march 8th
WHAT: two losers meet up to be losers and steal glowsticks? we just don't know
WARNINGS: please keep a safe distance away or this mix tape will bURN YOU ALIVE

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WHO: sora and YOU
WHERE: eluvio and bajikan!
WHEN: within the first few days of his arrival here
WHAT: sora is being bad at space in various places

like it's really hard )
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WHO: Osomatsu and various, and YOU
WHERE: the Eluvio, Bajikan
WHEN: during the fleet's orbit of Bajikan
WHAT: Osomatsu appears! he makes new friends, finds his brothers, and has a grand old time on the planet where dreams come true...?
WARNINGS: swearing, substance use, and adult themes, probably. shouldn't be too bad

welcome to outer space! )


Mar. 10th, 2017 04:10 pm
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WHO: Sabriel
WHERE: Around Bajikan and the Eluvio
WHEN: Throughout the event
WHAT: Sabriel tries to get used to her new surroundings
WARNINGS: None so far?

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( OPEN )

Mar. 9th, 2017 05:36 pm
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WHO: locus + YOU ; also assorted mine + others
WHEN: thru the event
WHAT: a bunch of rando things
WARNINGS: nothing off the top of my head, will edit if necessary

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WHO: solo & you
WHERE: bajikan: luxuria, gula, avaritia
WHEN: between march 9th and whenever the fleet leaves
WHAT: solo arrives on the eluvio, but soon makes his way down to the planet to explore.
WARNINGS: sex, drugs (in the form of alcohol) and rock'n'roll bespoke suits.

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WHO: James T. Kirk & YOU!
WHERE: Bajikan
WHEN: March 8th onwards
WHAT: Jim's exploring some areas of the planet, and keeping a safe distance from others.
WARNINGS: Violence, drinking, possible light drug use??? And nudity in one thread.

takes me completely, touches me sweetly, reaches so deeply )
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WHO: carolina + assorted
WHERE: around the eluvio and bajikan
WHEN: march 8th onward
WHAT: yet another planet catch all
WARNINGS: incredible awkwardness, drinking, tbd?

( closed starters in comments; hit me up if you want to do anything! )
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WHO: dorothy gale + various
WHERE: various places on bajikan
WHEN: the fleet's stay in orbit
WHAT: dorothy explores the planet and gets thoroughly sidetracked.
WARNINGS: alcohol, (descriptions of) violence, possibly sex

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WHO: shiro & various
WHERE: around bajikan
WHEN: spread over the duration of the fleet's stay in orbit
WHAT: shiro has a series of Good Days™
WARNINGS: naps happen. and an awkward boner, too.

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